8 Effective Exercises To Lose Belly Fat And Get A Flat Stomach

The answer lies in high-low or interval training, that is, alternating high-intensity, high-impact, or interval training with low-intensity, low-impact, or short breaks. No wonder HIIT and TABATA have become a global trend. Smart coaches call it working SMART instead of just working hard. Here are some examples :

An old-school aerobics or step class with carefully calibrated high-intensity movements in the choreography,
Alternate between a 400-meter run/jog and a 400-meter loop walk as you complete these sets over a 5-kilometer distance.
A kettlebell workout alternating light and heavy exercises, intensity programs, etc.
Let’s explore some “hard” cardio exercises you can incorporate to work your abs and tone your body, as suggested by fitness expert Bhavna Harchandrai.

Bounce to the right side, crossing the left leg back
Then carry your arms to the right side as you turn
Rehash on the opposite side

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