Dog Won’t Leave Woman Alone – When Husband Discovers Why, He Calls The Police

When George and his girlfriend Zoey agreed to watch Rex, their friend Cory’s dog, they never expected things to go the way they did. It all started off well enough, and Rex seemed like a perfectly behaved dog.

But George started to worry when Rex began displaying weird behavior around Zoey. He would often jump on her and wouldn’t leave her side. So George decided to keep a close eye on his girlfriend.

But what he found out will change their lives forever…

Looking for the truth

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Worried, George had kept a close eye on his girlfriend Zoey for the past several days. There must be some reason for Rex to start acting so strangely around her.

He called Cory to ask about the dog’s behavior, just in case it was Rex acting out because he missed his owner, but Cory said Rex had never behaved like this.

George knew something odd was going on, but he needed proof.

A strange message

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One morning while making breakfast, George saw a message pop up on Zoey’s phone where she’d left it on the kitchen counter. Ignoring the little voice telling him to respect her privacy, he unlocked the phone and goes to her last message.

It was to someone he didn’t know; the number wasn’t even saved. It read “George can’t know about this. I will tell him when the time is right.” Hearing Zoe coming downstairs, George locked the phone and put it back on the counter.

What was going on? What wasn’t Zoe telling him?

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